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We Load the Material onto Your Truck

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Most of our present customers either send their own trucks, or re-order through established trucking agents and dispatchers.

If you need help organizing the transportation of a shipment, we can provide assistance for a nominal service fee. Shipments are made by appointment only, and we prefer minimum loads of at least 20 tons.

In the case of box vans or reefers, we will swap-out used pallets if your trucker brings us an equal number required to transport your amount of bags. However, there is a surcharge for loading time and/or if we furnish the pallets.

Photo of mineral being loaded with a fork lift.

What We Donít Do

Window Peak Trace Minerals does not compete with its customers by producing any refined by-products of its own.

The customers are responsible for refining this raw material to their own standards, and those of their customersí standards in turn, as well as, those imposed by the FDA, EPA and other agencies. Some of our customers make tablets or capsules for human consumption; others pulverize the material before adding it to pellets or animal food; a few even liquefy it for use in drinks, or to enrich fertilizer.

We Don't Make any Claims About the Mineral Content or Its Properties.

We are not in a position to make any specific claims about individual minerals, or even their content in our product. However, information indicates that the Montmorillonite complex we mine is rich in certain essential trace minerals and other beneficial minerals in macro amounts. Trace minerals are not readily available in the normal food supplements, and fertilizers that animals and plants, respectively, require. Our customers believe in the benefits of these different minerals and use them in their refined products. We have been told that by reducing the particle size of the raw material — while not exposing the Montmorillonite complex to high temperatures, or extreme pressure — will dramatically increase absorption rates.