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We Mine a Montmorillonite Complex

Window Peak Trace Minerals exploits a rich deposit of Montmorillonite imbedded with high humus lignitic silts (fibrous, organic matter), and sells it to producers of food supplements (as nutritional and medicinal aids), and to makers of soil supplements for agriculture. Our customers receive shipments of these naturally chelated minerals, usually in bulk, or by special order. We screen the raw material to one of four different grades, and load it into one-ton bags, or directly into bulk carriers.

Photo of the screening plant yard.
Window Peak Trace Minerals' Mine Yard

We Exchange Information About Test Results

Testing can be very expensive. Some 78 natural elements have been discovered in the deposits we exploit. Not much is known about the precise value of most of these elements. However, one thing is known: that when various minerals are taken as a cocktail, the interactivity which is fostered, is beneficial. It seems that a number of the minerals have certain medicinal properties; others are useful catalysts which enable organisms to maximize the benefits of other minerals in the mix; a few act as antioxidants; and finally, certain minerals offset side-effects of possible overdoses of others.

Test results may vary from one sample to another. We invite you to analyze the material for yourself. There is little point in spending lots of money to rediscover all the elements already identified. However, particular levels of certain elements of interest may be re-tested from time to time to verify that your sample is within the parameters of the collective, published test results to date.

We will share the results of such non-proprietary tests provided by our predecessors and current customers, and we would appreciate having a copy of the findings of any testing conducted by you.

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