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Chelated Trace Minerals

Mother Nature stopped making them thousands of years ago …
(Now available in a Montmorillonite complex from our mine)

Chelated is better!

Naturally chelated, colloidal trace minerals, perfect for your gardening and agricultural needs.

Our customers range from formulators of soil amendments and fertilizers, to producers of capsules for human consumption, and packagers of mineral supplements for the pet and animal husbandry industries.


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Montmorillonite is an organic conglomerate. Our Montmorillonite complex contains 78 different, known elements including certain chelated minerals found in macro or trace amounts. It's quarried from a unique deposit in Nevada, and is presently being deployed in every continent except Antarctica.

Most of the world's farming soils became depleted of trace minerals decades ago. Maybe you should be using our organic Montmorillonite complex to supply the essential trace minerals that your livestock, pets, houseplants and crops need to remain healthy.

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